Ideas for rendering model on site map/terrain

I’m trying to place a model in a real-world site. The location is mapped on Google Earth but the site is full of buildings/vehicles and needs cleaned-up before I can import my model. I’m wondering what my best options are for this, and if there are some options I’m not considering. So far my ideas for approaching this are:

A. Take a static image of the site in Google Earth > clean the site up in Photoshop > render model from the approximate vantage point of the Google Earth camera view > combine the model + cleaned site image in PS.
–This approach seems less-than-perfect since I’d be fudging to match the perspective of my model render with the Google Earth image? Might work well for standard plan / side views?

B. Remodel the site from scratch in Sketchup
–This would take much more time and still end being less detailed than working with the Google Earth.

Any other options I’m not considering?


Before you spend time using the Google Earth imagery you should get familiar with their terms of use. What you propose in A sounds like it would violate those terms.

If you are going to get rid of all the buildings and such, maybe you would be better off to import the terrain using SketchUp’s Add Location feature and replace the image that comes with the terrain with new textures. More time involved, sure, but I expect you would get better results.