Very Urgent! Subscription!

Hi this is very urgent!

I was asked to update my payment details. I did so but asked what the new subscription would be and whether there is a pay monthly option etc. I have had no reply.

The subscription has increased to £361.

I am now a full time carer for an Alzheimers patient and £361 is my entire monthly carers allowance and some more.

I very very urgently need to get this money back.

Yes I know I should have done this or that or whatever - I am a carer and my head is permanently shredded. How do I get in contact with the right person. I am in a complete panic attack it is 3:30 in the morning and I have just been pinged the email. I was up with Mum when the message came in.

This is massively extremely life and death urgent I need that money back right now!!!

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it’s 1am right now at sketchup, on a saturday, so you’ll have to wait a moment

ping to @colin so he can in his turn ping the right colleague.


Side note, in the future, going through a local vendor like Elmtec would be a good idea. Same price, main difference is that the people that can help you are not in colorado but in england (or at least in your time zone).
People like @Elmtec-Adam

I hope someone can solve it on monday at trimble’s (that would be monday afternoon/evening for you)
I don’t hold much hope that they will be able to do anything before then.


Do I understand correctly from this thread that the subscription is automatic without notification/approval and that Trimble simply can access a bank account and take the money for the new year without confirmation? How does this work?
Or… was there a mistake in responding to the email sent and you confirmed the order and transaction?

I’m sorry to hear of your circumstances, of course and hope you get this resolved ASAP. However, I ask the above question as to how this happened. It’s hard to imagine that SketchUp can automatically withdraw funds from your given account without payment confirmation from your side. So, of course, I’m curious.

Trimble tells you it’s coming, twice, then off course it will debit your account. that’s the whole point of auto renewal.
but it doesn’t do it sneaky :

  • you get a first email 1 month before telling you renewal is soon and with a link to your account to change anything
  • you get a second email 10 days before, same thing.
  • on the renewal day, you get an email telling you the licence has been renewed and that you paid the xxx amount.

Ah, ok. Makes sense. And of course, auto-renewal is an “option” that one would have to go to account settings to change before the next renewal date. Yes?

exactly. if you turn it off before the renewal date, then it won’t renew. you’ll probably get an email telling you “that’s it, good bye” and you’ll have to manually resubscribe.

if you turn it off after the renewal date well… it counts for next year I suppose :slight_smile:

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I can see how this happened. I sure hope you can get this resolved quickly.

Pierre, thanks for the confirmations! Much appreciated.

It’s always easier to subscribe to something than to unsubscribe. They are designed in such a way that signing up and paying is a one-click process. However, in order to unsubscribe and get your money back, you have to present all the evidence in the world, and even then, your money will be transferred back only after a few weeks. There are very “good” laws for this.

There are exceptions, of course, but I’ve never seen them return the money as quickly as it was taken.
They always claim that the bank, the law, or whatever…they have “that” much time to return the money.

For some reason, the payment goes at night and on weekends instantly, but the refund is only and exclusively during working hours with a creasy long deadline.

Did you not read - or do not understand - the “40 pages” of fine print? Then it’s your fault…they warned you, that’s all.

Such is the world we live in.


It may be quicker to speak to your bank and tell them you’ve had an unauthorised payment and request a chargeback.
You can sort it out with Trimble after.


one of the reasons i like paypal, they’ve always been good about reminders on my subscription renewals, a few dispute resolutions, stopping payments, etc. my bank is also generally good but i prefer not to have companies getting access directly to my bank accounts or most times credit cards.

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I have asked the support managers to read this post. Some of the support team is in Europe, and hopefully it won’t be the end of Monday before you hear from someone.


Thank you I was not aware of this. I would like to continue with Sketchup when circumstances permit.

I have spoken to them for now that are saying it would be quicker to deal with the vendor.

Trimble have it hand thank you for your help.

I hope to return at some point in the future.

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