Very slow launching of SU Pro 2017 with plugins



I’m a SU user since v2.1 but recently I find SketchUp very slow at launch (I’m still using 2017 as all my needed plugins are working and not available in 2018).
The opening of the SU window itself is fast, but then it stops responding and the mouse icon shows its turning circle during around 5 minutes. it looks like SU is looking for some scripts to launch, or a web connection to activate a licence or whatelse…

Of course, I tried a complete reinstall. Naturally whith a fresh install, the loading time is very short, but SU is pretty useless with no scripts or plugins nowadays.

So I installed each script/plugin successively to check which one caused this slowdown, and eventually I got a loading time of 2 minutes (I got lost of Vray even if I have the license because it makes the loading time even longer and prefer using Thea instead). But after several launches the loading time exceeds again 5 minutes, without even installing/uninstalling any plugin.

I always used to think of SU as a fast loading app, as opposed to 3dsmax which is a real gas factory, and now SU is even slower to boot. I like to run two instances of SU to be able to copy/paste-in-place some elements between files. This again takes ages and sometimes it’s very frustrating.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to check the booting process of SU, a log that allows to identify the culprit?

Here’s my actual plugin setup:

CadFather (Max Coppoletta): JHS POWERBAR 2015 (Fixed for 2017)
Anton Synytsia: FixIt_101
TIG: Archiver
Fredo6: Bezier Spline
Chris Fullmer: Center on Origin
Chris Fullmer: Scale and Rotate Multiple
Honoluludesktop: Component Edit Window (I don’t use it because opening a new SU instance takes ages)
DM ProfileBuilder2
Eneroth3: Eneroth Section Remover
Eneroth3: Eneroth Texture Positioning Tools
f3d Flextools
TIG: Fix Reversed Face Materials
Fredo6: LibFredo6
Fredo6: FredoTools
Fredo6: JointPushPull Classic (old version)
Fredo6: RoundCorner
TIG: Purge All
TIG: Random Delete
TIG: Random Select
SuforYou: S4U Align
SuforYou: S4U Slice
SuforYou: s4u Stair
SuforYou: S4U to Components
Confitex Architure: Select Components via Right Click
CadFather (Max Coppoletta): Soften/Unsoften
su advancedcameratools/dynamiccomponents/sandbox/trimble connect/webtextures
TIG: Originate Component Axes
TIG: Split Tools (Donuts and Sausage)
thomthom: Architect Tools
thomthom: Draw Boundingbox
thomthom: Edge Tools
thomthom: TT Library
thomthom: Material Replacer
thomthom: QuadFaceTools
thomthom: Raytracer
thomthom: Component Replacer
thomthom: Scale Group Definition
thomthom: Select Curve
thomthom: Selection Toys
thomthom: Solid Inspector²
thomthom: SUbD
thomthom: 3D Text Editor
thomthom: Vertex Tools

Well, I reckon that I don’t use these plugins all the time but they are very handy to have when I need them.
I began with a smaller toolset but I ended with all these again soon.


Which ones aren’t available for SketchUp 2018?

You have a lot of extensions that have to go through the loading process. If you really can’t wait for them all to load, set them up so they don’t load on startup and only load when you want them to.


What Dave said, that’s an awfully long list of Plugins can’t imagine you need all of them to be ready in each new instance.

Ed: I never have more than 10 at launch for this reason.


Mmmh… I think FluidImporter still isn’t 2018 compliant.


Really? I don’t think so, I had 3x more previously, and the loading time was under the minute with SU 2015-2016.
What is new is that plugins that check licenses online didn’t exist previously (or not that many)…
Anyway, I don’t understand that with SSD, 64G RAM and a faster processor nowadays, SU is slower than 3 years ago with lesser hardware…


I think you hit the nail on the head, a bunch of newer Plugins are loading stuff via the web on each launch and they cause a slowdown, it’s not the SketchUp app per se but this extra baggage, thats why I turn them all off.

One in particular was causing me a lot of issues, like an extra 20, 30 seconds.


Mhhhh… Just curious, What do you turn off exactly?


Everything that’s not in my Core Group (that I need to use constantly). So I have everything turned off except the following:

Vertex Tools
Round Corners
Lib Fredo

You can run many more of course, but I dont use anything else except for occasionally so no need ot have it cluttering up the workspace.


But I do archviz, and this is the very minimum I need in everyday use unfortunately. :-s


Oh fair enough, well good luck!


Thanks… a solution could be to disengage all the plugins for launch and run them on demand. The thing is, once run, the plugin remains active and is automatically launched during next SU boot… or am I wrong?


Sorry, yes that was the solution that me and Dave mentioned, but I may not have explained myself enough. Well before you shut down just toggle them off in the extension manager?


Yes, this is what I was afraid of :smiley:


You need to make a new extension, that toggles off all the unwanted extensions automatically before shutdown!!


You mean, an extension manager preset? or a Sketchucation Plugins manager preset…


Yes that would be more sensible, maybe one for feature requests 2019 for those of us with a bunch of Plugins.

I had to turn off of the SketchUcation Plugin Manager as for me at least it was too slow to launch, I preset within Extension Manager would be good rather than another standalone plugin.


Ah ah…
I hadn’t thought of this one… I never uninstalled it.
Thanks for pointing it out. :wink:


I don’t think its the problem on its own, think it will depend on the amount of plugins its associated with that will have a bearing on the load time.


Perhaps, but you’re right that Sketchucation toolbar checks at loading time if there are updates available for all plugins too. So it’s a possible culprit.


The sketchucation plugin already has the options you are talking about.
You can put together ‘Sets’ of plugins you want to load together.
You can load plugins just for the current session.
So you can open with the bare minimum loading and choose a set or just enable a few to run in that session and a second instance will still open with the bare minimum.