Plugins Toolbox

Sketchup 2017 pro,
When the plugins toolbox is positioned as in the first gif, it opens quickly and starts to work. However, as shown in the second gif, the plugins toolbox is opened late when it is placed on the top.

The Pluins were tried individually, the problem is not caused by any of the plugins.

Is this normal?
Is there a way to correct it?

The video card driver is current and there is no hardware problem. Sketchup was established as an administrator.

Thank you.

A similar issue has already been mentioned, but I could not find a solution.
SketchUp 2017 Pro running ridiculously slow compared to 2016

Your question is about why the SketchUp UI starts up more slowly with docked toolbars than with floating toolbars.

It is hard to recognize it from the two gif animations because they are not synchronized. You have to consider that in both cases, the total loading time goes until the main window and all toolbars have finished loading. With floating toolbars, the main window seems to have already finished loading while still the toolbars pop up one after the other.

I assume a difference could be that the container of the main window (that holds docked toolbars) takes longer to load because it needs to wait for all docked toolbars before it can determine its own height.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

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