Very important tools to include PLEASE!

Hello friends, excuse my bad English, I write with a translator :sweat_smile: lol… I work with plasma and laser cutters, I make accessories for cars, there are two functions that must be included in the iPad and they are not talked about much. FLATTERY and UNWRAP AND FLATTEN FACES. They are very essential to do many jobs and cannot be done on iPad, I leave you an example image in Sketchup Pro, I hope that programmers see this. thank you so much :pray:

FWIW, if you create yuour components correctly as you go you could do this layout of them rather simply now.

I note in your model that most of the objects have exposed reversed faces.

Hi Dave, yes! My faces are inverted because visually it is comfortable for me to work. With the components, I don’t know how else to fold the faces quickly and then export them in DXF. These options give you the freedom to decide which faces you want to fold one by one.

The tool request you’re asking to be implemented on sketchup for iPad isn’t even on sketchup for desktop, it’s a third party tool, so I don’t think it will be added to the iPad version. I don’t think sketchup for ipad is the best tool for most of the professionals, it’s just my opinion, the desktop version is a much more powerful tool.

Yes, I understand perfectly, but I mean some option to easily deploy faces and be able to export the 2d in DXF, I don’t think it’s complicated for a programmer to do this, the possibilities are enormous for those of us who work with cutting machine :ok_hand:

It has nothing to do with the difficulty to do this.

You can export to dxf from your iPad, that feature was added earlier this year.

It would be great an option to project the selected faces on the floor, it would help a lot to companies that work with cutting machines, to be able to make designs quickly on ipad, also a tool that shows us angles. In this way Sketchup iPad would help us to manufacture parts quickly.

You should use the desktop version, there are plug-ins that can make what you want to include in the iPad version. I’m 99% sure that your request won’t be added to sketchup for iPad, not even for the desktop version as a native tool. Sketchup is used by a lot of people from hobbyist to professionals, and the use that we give to the program is different, sketchup was developed for architecture mainly, over the years more features had been added to reach a wider range of people, but still architecture is the main focus of the program. The community has developed a lot of tools that have expanded the software for more users that don’t make architecture, plug-ins can convert sketchup in almost an all mighty software, the problem with the iPad version is that it’s limited to use only native tools, you can make a lot of things with those tools, even unwrapping an object, but it will take more time to do it manually than using a plugin with a few clicks on the desktop version.

If I understand, I really appreciate your comments.