Easiest way to intersect faces with imported DXF file

I converted a drawing from JPEG to DXF and imported into sketchup. My goal is to be able to push/pull each mark, but most of the lines did not intersect when I made a face on the same plane. Some of them must be hovering .1mm above or something. Any way to fix this without going to each mark individually and cutting/deleting lines?

In SketchUp Pro there are tools available to flatten the edges but not in SketchUp for Web. You might be able to scale the geometry to flatten it but maybe now. Depends exactly on the geometry. Another way would be to go around the model and trace edges in the raised geometry to create faces that can be extruded through the larger face with Push/Pull. Then use Intersect Faces followed by the Eraser tool to eliminate the unwanted geometry.

It might just be easier to recreate the thing in SketchUp and not use the dxf file at all.

Incidentally, your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free. That version doesn’t have a DXF import option. Are you using the trial of SketchUp Go?

Yea, about that…I own sketchup pro on my ipad which I dont think allows some of the extensions as the desktop version. However, my desktop sketchup account doesnt recognize that I purchased the pro version on ipad…Im guessing since it’s through an Apple account. The web based version has mostly been able to satisfy my needs, but I dont think there’s a way for me to use extensions.

So not the Free Plan at all. And you are using SketchUp for iPad not SketchUp for Web. Please fix your forum profile.

That’s correct. No extensions with SketchUp for iPad either.

If you used that Apple hide-my-e-mail thing it could be an issue. You need to sign in the way you set it up.

Again, no way to use extensions.

No, I use the free web app version of sketchup and it allows me to import DXF. I dont use the ipad sketchup even though I purchased the pro year.

The free web version does not allow importing .dxf files so you must be using SketchUp Go.