Vertices appearing in a new edge...WHY?


When I create an edge between two vertices, a vertex appears in the line/edge. There is nothing there, no floating vertex. It just magically appears there when the edge is created as if there was an invisible edge being intersected. Anyone seen this happen and know WHY? Thanks…


That certainly sounds like you have something that is not visible. Have you both set view->hidden geometry and made all layers visible? If you see an edge appear when you show all the layers, you aren’t using SketchUp’s layers correctly. All edges and faces should always use layer0.


How about uploading a sample SKP file that shows this?


Are you talking about the midpoint snap?


There was no hidden geometry as far as stuff that I had intentionally hidden, but when I selected the area where the vertices would appear and hit delete, the next time I made the line no vertex appeared. So something was definitely hidden but I’m not sure what it was from. Perhaps an artifact left behind by deleted geometry. Thanks.


If you still have a copy of the file with the issue, could you please upload it here? That way we can investigate exactly what was wrong. It helps Trimble to improve SketchUp and helps others to avoid problems when the true cause of an issue is understood vs someone just “makes it go away”.


You “can’t” select hidden geometry (hidden by hide or on a layer that is off) by dragging a selection window around an area. So it looks like there’s something weird going on in your file. See @slbaumgartner’s post above about uploading the file to investigate, also for Trimble.


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