VERTEX 2018 - a VFX/3d/animation conference in March (London)

Hey peeps,

Anyone here from the UK?
I heard about an interesting sounding conference next month on the titles subject(s). It’s got a lot of guest speakers, probably a lot of presentations. I think one or two ppl from The Mill as a highlight.

Not particularly sketchup related, but it’s in the realms so I just thought I’d post in case any Brits for example were interested.

I would be all up for that but starting a new job the week before can’t take any holiday just yet :frowning:

Cool. Yeah I think it could be ok.
You a londoner Liam?

First time it’s been run so not sure how well it will go but it looks like it’s got some pretty good projects/people involved and it’s got the backing of Future Publishing so that’s a good sign.

I wanted to hit VFX Festival. But got my dates mixed up (thought it was March, it was Feb!) Argh. That one looked amaze.

I was for about 6 years but I moved to Sweden a year ago, still it’s a short trip, I used to leave the house here (Sweden) at 0530 and be in work at Oxford Circus at 0930. I used to work a lot with future, I was at another Publisher.

Oh, where to?

Same here, if I get a good direct flight I could be as short as 6 hours door to door to some of my friends in London.


Luckily it’s a Ryanair hub so in advance you can get flights for less than 400 SEK return. I’ve had them for 200 SEK a lot of the time.

If you are not flying to London however it’s mighty pricey so I just get the bus to Copenhagen where they have cheap flights to most places. It takes a while but the bus is very comfy here with big seats, a table, plug sockets and unlimited free wifi!

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Ya been to any other events like this Liam?

Actually, I’m kinda curious why this event has a really lacking Facebook presence.

The event page seems to have like, 3 people listed as going… 3 ppl interested. And it’s only a few weeks away…

Well that might be a good thing, they have 16 speakers booked so it will pretty much 1 - 1!!

Yes have been to quite a few industry things when in London, design, photography etc.

I worked for WIRED magazine for around 6 years, they have many events but a really big one annually called WIRED LIVE, not specifically in this area but we would have vendors and presenters who worked in VFX, 3D printing etc. I first met with and tried both Makerbot and formlabs printers there too as well as pre release VR sets and other fun things. Because of my job I got to go to lot’s of other events around town too for free because I had a press pass.

Some highlights:

Superman issue 1 (about £6m for each one)

First room scale VR, about 30 by 30 feet, there was a laptop in the backpack

Seeing Asimo for the first time running around! It was the first demo of the new unit (running and climbing stairs) outside of Japan.

Alas I haven’t been to anything like that now for 18 months, my next event will be Basecamp in September that should be really fun, I have never been to that part of America.

Palm springs isn’t it? People say its nice…

All the WIRED stuff was in London, but yeah the SketchUp one is going to be in Palm Springs, quite a long trip but I managed to get an early deal flying with Norwegian from Gatwick for only £500 return direct, thats pretty good (I think?).

Pretty excited, 18 months of freelance has not been great for the bank so this will be a most anticipated trip out of the frozen North…

Just checked out your portfolio.pdf Liam, inspiring work and career. Did you undertake any study programs in your time or have you just acquired the skills through exploration and vision?

I’m still wondering if I’ll go to this vertex gig. The VFX festival last month looked amazing. I’m sure this one will have some awesome work on show and walkthroughs. … but from the looks on the site, it looks like it might just be a few auditoriums? Kinda like seminars… I don’t think it’s so much of an open floor setup like youd see at a trade show.

And I’m still confuddled why there’s only 3 ppl going on what seems to be the official event page.

I did an A level in product design, a foundation degree in Art and Design and then Graphic Design at the University of Salford.

However mostly self taught in terms of software.

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