Version Expiry Problem

I’ve downloaded numerous versions, but cannot convince the system that as my Pro trial expired I need to revert to the original.
When I install the 2014 version, it tells me there is an upgrade, which is 2015 Pro - and doesn’t run on Vista…
I KNOW my trial has expired - but I can’t use the latest version.

When the Pro trial expires, it should revert to Make and continue to run. If that is not what you are seeing, please provide more details about what happens. The most common source of this problem has been when people actually downloaded the Pro version installer instead of the Make version. This happens when you specify for commercial use instead of for personal use in the download dialogs. Both will start with a trial period, but the Pro installation will then ask for a license, whereas the Make installation will drop back to Make only.

By the way, you should seriously consider upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, which is essentially Vista without all the train wrecks!

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Downloads : SketchUp Make/Pro

Here’s a screen shot.

My next action is click on the red button and I’m taken to the download page where I only get versions I can’t use.

(re. Win7, yeah, yeah, I know… :\ I just don’t like change.)

yep. See comments above.

There is a Make version for older systems available here.

Thanks, man. Now we’re back in business.
Not sure what happened before. Just couldn’t get it to ignore the expiry.

Make version = non-commercial usage only

just in case