Version 2022 Camera View Issue

I have used SketchUp for many years. Presently I am using version 2021 pro
I have a question about the most recent version of SketchUp 2022 pro. I have downloaded a 30-day trial.
The camera view’s ability to take interior elevations doesn’t seem to work anymore for me?
I have used this as a main function in my practice for maybe 10 years.
The section tool takes much longer to use and is way more complicated to use especially when doing a minimum of 4 wall elevations per room in a set of working drawings.

So will this functionality be turned back on soon???

Daniel Miskie, Architect

Yes. This is known. It’s an unintended consequence of fixing the issue with unwanted clipping. I expect the team is hard at work trying to fix it for an upcoming maintenance release.

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Can you share an older file that hasn’t been saved by 2022 where you have this setup?
@colin might be interested…

I would!

RLP Addition 1 Story.skp (4.7 MB)
I don’t know if this drag and drop file will work. A simple 550+/-sf ADU. SketchUp version 2021. Using
the camera position tool for scenes 26, 27, 28, setting up the scenes was as fast as typing the scene labels because a scene is made by angling the camera from the previous scene and turning on/off necessary Tags. The scene is then properly framed in Layout.

Thank you, that will be useful.

This topic was discussed here recently:

Thx, for the link. Interesting, I never thought of it as a bug. The only thing about the camera is as I remember, adjusting the camera viewing angle, from time to time.

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