Position camera tool in SU 2022 is broken

hello everyone
very useful tool in sketchup, position camera is not work, its not doing this thing how called “position camera”
it shows only in front objects and not from this place where we “position” this tool.
in interior elevetions it was a lot more useful tool, as section planes.
trimble why you broke this software?
broke position camera and “very usefull lasso” from release 2022 :(((

Already being discussed here.

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It is not really usefull to start another thread on this subject. You know there is one allready, since you posted in that one…

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I didn’t see that. Thanks for pointing it out.

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It seems the POSITION CAMERA is not FUNCTIONING as it has in the past - is anyone aware of an upgrade with different steps or is this a glitch with 2022?

The latest maintenance update to v.2022 brought back some of the functionality, so clipping can again be used in the way it worked previously.