Version 2019 "Failed to obtain License"

Already I have 2 long time users who installed SU 2019 and “Failed to obtain license” when they try to download my extensions. This seems similar to what new customers were experiencing in droves 2 months ago.

As always, 99 out of 100 support requests I get have to do with download or licensing problems over which I have no control. And the extension purchase receipt send to all new customers by Trimble still directs them to contact me for all support issues(!).

As in years past, I recommend to my users to NOT delete their previous version of SketchUp; Use the new version only for testing (Not for saving any important work), and to monitor the user forums for 3 months while Trimble addresses any new bugs.

Also, recognize with version 2019 what Trimble is asking you to pay for:

  • One important feature (dashed lines) which all other CAD systems have had for decades.
  • The first version of SketchUp that will expire (stop working) at the end of next year.

Yes, if you opt for the Pro license and not the Classic license, and choose not to renew when the time comes, SketchUp 2019 will stop allowing you to start new projects. If you choose the Classic license SketchUp 2019 will continue to work even if you don’t renew just as all previous pro versions have

It seems popular these last few days to gloss over the availability of the Classic license in order to paint a dire picture of the new Pro license option.

The lower initial price Pro license option will make it easier for some companies to get into using SketchUp. At my previous employer, the $700 price tag to get into SketchUp Pro was high enough that it had to go through the purchasing department. Had this new option been available at the time I got SU Pro for work, I could have put the charge on my corporate card and avoided the extra time and cost to get a PO cut and all that goes into it.

It’s also interesting to see how everyone is griping over dashed lines in SketchUp when, for years, it’s been one of the most asked for features. What’s the point of adding any new features that users asked for if they’re just going to whine about it when they get?

Looking at the SketchUp “Plans and Pricing page” the only 2019 versions that support extensions are: PRO and Studio (Which is just SketchUp plus Sefaria). I see no mention of “Classic”(?) Where do you see it?

At the bottom of the comparisons.

Well hidden in small type so users are unlikely to see it.
They did the same thing with MAKE which was free but supported extensions: You can still download it but it is very difficult to find even if you somehow know about it. This substantially reduced the pool of users likely to buy extensions.

It’s not hidden except to those who don’t want to read through the information that is presented.

The fact is, the vast majority of Make users don’t use any extensions and of those who do, only a small percentage of them would even consider paying for an extension. This has been covered before and it’s kind of beating a dead horse now.

It is really bad, seriously. I think it is hidden to only those people who are not willing to read through the given information. Bad enough like a Dream about snakes

Or hidden like a snake in the grass…

I’ve looked for that link several times and still can’t find it… from main SketchUp page to plans n pricing…it’s definitely NOT there… not sure if one has to be logged in or what

It definitely IS there.

Gone are the good old days of SketchUp where one could download something like sketchy physics and play for hours… definitely not going to pay 300 a year just to do that