Sketchup 2019 Subscription and paid extensions - major issues

Hi, I am based in Australia.

I am thoroughly disappointed with my 2019 subscription. Specifically, paid extensions (including trial licenses) do not seem to work for me - e.g. Eneroth3, Suforyou and Natale Zappia.

I know I am not the only one who has experienced frustration and confusion in this regard.

Anyway, is it worth upgrading to Classic 2019? I still have Classic 2017 and have no issues with paid extensions. But it is an absolute pain jumping between the two versions.


There is no difference between a Subscription License and a Classic license in terms of the program.
What specific extensions are failing?
Did you install them new or copy them over from your earlier version?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I know there are no differences. The problem is specifically to do with paid extensions obtained via the extension warehouse.
My subscription version can’t detect these licenses - paid or trial - even if installed from the extension warehouse. Transfer doesn’t seem to work either.

There is an unintended difference. SketchUp subscription licenses doesn’t work with Extension Warehouse licenses.

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That I didn’t know, that could be a bit of a problem.

You should contact support, they have a workaround.

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