Vectorworks not reading file properly

Hello friends,

I’m trying to design a firepit for my garden which eventually will be cut out of mild steel and welded. It’s a simple 2D line drawing I’ve created, but when importing over to vectorworks to send off to the cutters the file seems to corrupt.

It comes out as thousands and thousands of tiny lines which don’t join, at all.

I’ve tried exporting it in many many different ways, and making it all component and grouping etc.

The file itself is too big to attach to the thread… any ideas how I can shrink it down enough to share with you?

I put it into 3D warehouse. It may or may not work…

Any help would be hugely appreciated. I’ve been scratching my head for months on it, and now it’s summer and I still don’t have my firepit!

If anyone can fix it,

Thank you fellow minds

How are you getting it from SketchUp Make to Vectorworks?

Exporting as a SKP and then importing in vectorworks through the import sketchup dropdown.

I’ve done it in the past with other files, but think I just messed this one up somewhere along the line

Check this thread: