Vector lines in SketchUp

I do images for an architect I work with. He likes me to do just line work on a yellow trace type background.

For brickwork and siding I just draw lines in a separate group over the walls and call it a day. This time I have a problem. I have a curved wall that I’m trying to paste an exploded autocad hatch pattern on to. All the other walls are fine I just cut and paste the group and delete the extraneous parts. On the curve, I can’t figure out what to to. Drape usually work to project line work onto mesh but it’s not working in this case.

Worst case scenario is I guess I have to try to draw on the curved surface and hope for the best. I just thought someone might have tried this before?

I’d suggest finding the hatch pattern you want (it may be in the SU materils) or through a Google search. Import an image of the pattern to your computer as an image file (jpg, png, tif). Create a plane in SketchUp that’s the height and width of the curved wall. The plane should be within the wall component. Import the hatch pattern to the plane as a texture. Right click on the hatch pattern and choose Projected from the menu. On a Mac, press command as you click the Paint Bucket in the plane. Then click in the middle of the wall. That should project the hatch pattern over the curves.

Are you working at an appropriate size.
Dave Drape


One cannot ‘project’ the line work horizontally using the Drape tool.
Drape only works vertically, along the world z-axis.

Temporarily rotate the model, then Drape, then rotate the model back.

Ah the beauty of components.
Leave the original in place and rotate a copy.
Angle drape


But the pattern would display in hidden wireframe which is what I use for this architect

Ah. Nice one mate :sunglasses: