Projecting line drawing onto curved pillar

Hi I have a design that I want to represent in 2D Autocad showing a pattern applied
to a cylindrical pillar.

I drew the pattern design in Autocad LT exported the dwg out into SU
and then attempted to use the Sandbox drape command to project the 2D pattern onto
the curved surface of a cylinder.

If it had worked I then planned to export a 2d dwg back out and into Autocad LT again to show an orthographic view of the pillar with the 2D pattern nicely distorting as it disappears around pillar. Unfortunately SU appears to be struggling. Any advice appreciated including alternative software that I could try.

See if this will help you to project your pattern around the pillar

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If it’s just a cylinder you’re after, you might try this plugin:

It’ll work with any image that’s compatible with SketchUp.


Hi Dave,

For some reason once the dwg of the pattern is imported into SU it
effects SU by it behaving irrationally. For example i can’t highlight the surface
of the cylinder when requested after clicking the drap command. Also when I tried the
alternative method of extruding the pattern into the cylinder in order to intersect the
extruded pattern became invisable accept then zooming right out.

Thanks but i need to end up with a vector drawing of the projected pattern so that
i can include it in an autocad presentation.

Dear Mihai,

Thanks so much for taking the trouble to offer a solution. Truebend tackled the task
perfectly. Its really excellent! I was able to import a dwg of a complex pattern and once
I had ensured that the lines were fully registering as SU lines by clicking on the imported dwg and redrawing over some of the lines until it presented like a normal SU line does. Once I had done that I ensured the pattern was the length of half the circumference of the pillar and then applied a 180degree bend this then matched
up perfectly once exported back into autocad.