How to add patterns to curve lines in Layout


How do you add hatching/ Patterns to curve lines drawn in layout to highlight sections through models. In Autocad you can set the pattern/ hatching to follow the concave or convex curve profile. Any assistance greatly welcomed!! Ta


Please share a sample LayOut file that shows what you are working with and what you want to achieve.


I don’t think there is an option to do that in Layout. You can do it in SU with a plugin like Skalp.


One way would be to copy your SketchUp model view, set the Render mode to Vector, then explode it. This should give you fills you are desiring place into a Scaled Drawing.


You can add a pattern to exploded viewport linework, but it will not ‘follow’, you can only set the rotation of the whole hatch.:

@trent might be a good feature request for landscape architects


That’s a great plugin for Acad for sure. The closest to that we have is with our offset ‘both sides’ then fill but our patterns would not follow the same way.

@ArtDirectorAdam, I might have misunderstood what you were going for. Could you provide a sample file / Image?


Thanks Trent, I thought as much! This is the work around that I am using at the moment…hopefully Layout can incorporate this simple ‘Pattern to follow a line on a tangent (inside and out) or patterned line at a tangent inside or out’ into a future release!


It would be interesting if Sketchup had this “both sides” option in the offset tool as well


I read on this forum in French, someone who uses ProfilBuilder to draw patterns along a curve. So it’s in sketchup and not in layout, but it can be useful.