Validity Check fail

I have been using SketchUp since version 8 and now using SketchUp Make 2014. Today I got a popup I have never seen before. “Results of validity check. Problems were found that could not be fixed”
Please see the uploaded image. I’ve never seen this before. Is there a problem? Any advice?

Well the first thing I suggest is, if you are indeed running Windows 7 SP1, then update to SketchUp Make 2015. (There is no reason for you to be one major version behind.)

Second, if you have a problem with a model, it is best to upload it here for review.
Use the “disk with up arrow” icon (the disk looks like a bar with two leds on the right. It is the 7th icon on the edit message toolbar.)

Purge it before upload though!

Thanks for the quick reply. I installed SketchUp 2015 so let’s see if this happens again. Since I saved the model in 2015 format, it may have removed whatever caused that problem.
The original 2014 version with which I had the fail can be downloaded here : My one drive

FYI I use SketchUp to make scenery for my X-Plane 10 flight simulator. Some of the textures come out warped in X-Plane. Some don’t which is weird. I don’t know if the problem is with SketchUp or the plugin which converts it to an X-Plane object. You can see that here. The warped texture shows up perfectly normal in Sketch Up and can be found in the SketchUp file I linked you to. I’m wondering if this warping might be as a result of the problems found by the validity check. Here is an example of the warped texture :

The roadsign ?

It looks like XPlane is trying to simulate the effect of looking through the canopy’s ridge.

If you yaw the heli, will the warping move left & right ?

Hi Dan, It is the same, if I go to an external view i.e. not in the cockpit.

Here is a screenshot

Well then I’d say the first order is to report it to the plugin developer. See if they have any more reports, or know what could be happening.

Add: Yea that does look weird.

Ok, I will do that. What do you think caused the original validity check?