Validity Check

I started getting the “Something minor is messed up in your model, but SketchUp can fix it.”
Validity Check with problems that could not be fixed.
“The entity at address ae389f0 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)”

Is there something I can do to stop getting the error message?

Windows 7 Pro
SketchUp Make 2017

Thanks for the help

Probably fix the model so you don’t have the bad geometry. With no more information than we have to go on, though, it’s impossible to tell you what exactly you need to fix.

This could be because you downloaded a web version and opened it in 2017 make. It may not recognise some items from the future.

It really would help if you got your profile accurate, I know you change it to web, but you left 2016 in there and have you actually moved fully to 2017?
By the way, we are in the dark as much as you when it comes to those rather enigmatic validity messages.

Well…I dont know what I did, but I’m no longer getting them. I wish I could tell everyone what I did, but I have no clue!