V Shaped engraving

Hello Guys,

I’m having trouble modelling a V shaped engraving for some text which I want to make in a CNC Router. Here’s a sample of text

And here’s a reference image

It depends on the font and you can try with Fredo JPP


You can also try with Follow Me and Intersect Faces, or after you draw the lines in the middle of the letter, which you then move down with the help of the Move tool + Alt.


Something to think about, often a v-cut only needs a single path and the right cutter.

Your first option was good but the lower part should not be a surface but I guess it would be enough to present it to clients since details wont be visible much.(Whats that plugin you were using?)

I’ve already tried the second option by manually drawing with pencil and pulling the edge downwards but it does not work with curved forms. And the follow me too didn’t help either since some letters have varying thickness. Anyway thanks a lot for your efforts I appreciate it.

I managed to do it in artcam.


If you look carefully at the gif, you will see that you can set the slope and thus eliminate the flat bottom.


You’re welcome!

:sweat_smile: I didn’t read your first line. And quad face tools might be the right tool for this job. Thanks again.