How to create curved signage

Just wondering what would be the best way to create the curved signage part against the curved screen as in the image attached? Thank you.
Curved signage

You can create it by intersecting the geometry with the text, by bending the text on the shape, by using a text texture or by rendering V-Ray with Decal, it depends on how you will use the model in the end.

With a search in the forum (‘bend text’) you’ll already find other threads where it is explained in detail.

@mihai.s thank you for your reply. I don’t use V-ray, but just need to create that solid curve against the slats (no text needed). This is just an inspo image. I’m just using SketchUp for this one. No rendering required. Thank you.

Create a cylinder to which you give a thickness (circle, offset, pushpull), intersect it with a shape (as a knife) and you have obtained the curved shape.

Or draw the desired shape in plan and then bend it with a plugin.


@mihai.s thanks very much. I get stuck with which plugins to use. This was very helpful. Thank you!

shape bender

or you can use another plugin
true bend

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One of the benefits of Truebend over Shapebender is Truebend retains the group nesting.
Shapebender melds it all into one component, but it will do complex curves.
Each has its place.


@box that’s a better way and easier. Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: