Sign Carving

Hi, I’m using Sketchup Pro and VCarve Pro.

I want to make a business sign to hang outside.

I have a JPG/PNG/PDF/.AI of our logo. I imported the image into Sketchup and drew this outline around it.

I can’t figure out the best way to do this. 3D model out the carving in Sketchup, and then import it as a 3D model into VCarve? It doesn’t seem like I can create this in VCarve unless I re-create the text within VCarve, and I’m working on figuring out if I can get that font. I was hoping that having the image would be enough to get geometries that I could create some toolpaths from.

Thanks in advance!

Did you use the 3D Text tool?

(It also looks like the main background face is reversed … it should be white.)

The text was created a few years ago, I imported it into Sketchup as an image.
I’m going to delete the main background, you’re right it’s reversed it just showed up and I left it for now.

If you have access to Adobe Illustrator, you can try exporting the AI file as DWG or DXF and importing that into SketchUp. If necessary, convert the text into outlines before exporting.

I mentioned 3D Text as a “hint” …

Why not just bring in the .ai file into Vcarve and then use it’s tools to set the depths of your runs/cuts? This is what I do.

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Wow that works. Thanks! I’m still learning what formats work with what software.

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Glad it worked for you Nate.

You’ve seen that VCarve can import .AI which will work fine for what you are describing. I was going to say you could recreate the font in V-Carve if you still have access to the font.

However something to keep in mind with what you originally asked about doing it in Sketchup then importing to V-carve. Sketchup will approximate arcs with lines so when you import into Vcarve it may be jagged. At times when importing dxfs/dwgs from sketchup, it will require some cleanup in Vcarve if you need it to be smooth. Depending on the scale of your letters, it may be very noticeable once carved.

Just to demonstrate, I took the same font and wrote Nate in Sketchup, imported it, and then did it in the same VCarve file using VCarve Font tool. You can see especially at the curved ends where the Sketchup version is very pointed. Same font, same words not as clean. I hope this shows up well in the post, if not I’ll see about getting you the sample .crv file.

Sketchup Top.
VCarve Bottom.

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The front part of the N overlaid. You can see the approximation in pink (Sketchup) vs the clean vector in black from V Carve.


Thanks, I was wondering about that but your example does show it pretty clearly. Good to know for sure!