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Hello everyone! I’m using ThomThom’s V-Ray Tools plugin to display safeframes of 2:1 ratio for rendering purposes. My default field of view in SketchUp is set to 35 degrees. I’m having a problem here, as it seems that my safeframes change the field of view.

Here, you can see my default viewport without safeframes, and the field of view set to 35.

When I apply the safeframes the field of view numbers change to 46.99 but if you compare this screenshot with the first one, you’ll see that my viewport is intact and still the same.

And lastly, when I try to manually change the field of view back to 35, the viewport changes.

Could someone please explain if I’m doing something wrong or is this normal behaviour? Thanks.

I use Thomthom’s Vray tools and Vray day to day, but usually don’t adjust the frame ratio. I typically just render what is shown on my screen and adjust later in post.

All in all, I think this is an expected behavior.

According to a previous thread:

The FOV, field of view is measured vertically. (I personally don’t think this is how it should be. but that’s just how it is)
Therefore, when you change the frame ratio, you are effectively changing your field of view since you are reducing your frame height.

Does that make sense?

Why not adjust your image in post after render?

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Thanks for replying @josephkim626. I didn’t know about the ability to type mm in the Field of View VCB. To be honest, to this day I still don’t understand how Field of View works. I know what it does essentially but don’t know what exactly is 35 or 50 degrees or how it’s measured in the first place. It’s a bit confusing for me.

I guess this is the explanation. Thanks! I guess I’ll just have to stick to not trying to change the FOV after applying the safeframes.

I have a slow notebook, so I use safeframes to limit the final rendering to not render unnecessary pixels, therefore saving precious time. When I get a new notebook (hopefully soon) I’ll give your advice a try.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there is a bit of photography there. Its just how much of angle or distance(mm) you are showing. Usually, the lens on the camera has some sort of field of view value attached to it. i.e. standard 50mm lens has X deg field of view. The degree can actually be different by the manufacturer and the setup, but you get the idea.

SketchUp actually has its own conversion chart. I have seen it somewhere, but not really gonna bother.

Have you tried Region Render?

Yes, of course. But I only use it for material and/or lighting tests. I’m a perfectionist, and the ratios are very important for me, hehe. I don’t think I can draw a perfect 2:1 or any other render region by myself. :slight_smile:

that’s why there are plugins to assist in adjusting the SU viewport…

it’s the best possible solution for accurate raster export…


I know about the plugins. We were talking about the V-Ray Frame Buffer, which has a Render Region tool, that can be used for regional renderings. :slight_smile:

Sounds all good.

Good luck!

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Thank you friend! :slight_smile: