V-Ray/SketchUp License Confusions!

Is it possible to use multiple V-Ray licenses or switch between 2 licenses in the same SketchUp license?

Here is the problem; me and my daughter (student) are using my SketchUp license in my laptop. I use Thea Render which I own but she want to use V-Ray. Before I purchased Thea Render, I installed the trial version of Vray so me and her had the chance to try both… then I decided to buy Thea and she insisted on vRay.

Later on I decided to buy her Vray and since she is a student and qualifies for the student discount, I bought her Vray for students under her university email. The problem now is that when she run Vray, it is still using my trail license instead of her license! I tried reinstalling Vary but it always pick my trial license without giving me the option to change it.

For the record, my Vray trial license is using the same email as my SketchUp license so I am guesting this might be the problem. Now I am not sure if this problem is related to Vray or to Sketchup so I posted this here and in Vray forum.

Any idea?

I’ve found that Chaos Group is really good about sorting these things out for its customers.

In a browser, go to localhost:30304 (type it and hit enter) and sign out via the ‘Online licensing’ button.
Then log in with your daughter’s email address.

I don’t know how good their support is, but I know that they are extremely slow to respond.

Thank you very much that solved it :+1:

I never realized it was a button until now! Maybe I am getting old :sweat_smile:

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There was a time during my support days that I would answer the phone and just saying “Open a browser, type ‘localhost:30304’ and hit enter…”

It’s extremely good. They respond within a day usually, or faster. But there’s no chance your license from one renderer would interfere with another.

Its that common :laughing:

Well, once I was having problems installing the trail version so I contacted support and they replied after about 8 days! Also the forum reply speed is very slow as well and it normally takes days to get a single reply! In this forum, you get a reply in minutes or few hours at max.