V-Ray Rendering Iron Man's Mansion, Live!

Eric is bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to the SketchUp Extended Universe (SUEU) on this episode of SketchUp Live.

He’s taking a model of Tony Stark’s house, adding terrain and materials, and creating exterior AND interior renders with V-Ray. Bring the popcorn and don’t miss it!

NON-U.S. FOLKS: We’re in the liminal space between different daylight savings times, so remember this may be an hour off from the usual time.


We’re also opening up the stream to more platforms! If you prefer watching on LinkedIn or Facebook instead of YouTube, then oh boy, you’re in luck.

See you there!

Sneak peek :eyes:


Getting ready for this one. Where’s J.A.R.V.I.S. when you need him to help with the heavy lifting!

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That was an unreal session Eric and Donovan, thanks guys

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Thanks @keggification for watching as always. And for those that missed it, here were the final two views we made in our 2 hrs together:

Interior Living Room Shot

External Poolside Shot