[V-Ray] Imported Vectorworks 3Ds model wont render



Hi everyone,

I have just joined up so hello! Apologies as the first thing I have to do is ask for help.

I have imported a 3ds. file from Vectorworks 2011. When I try to render it, I get a white screen as if the camera can see nothing. I even imported it into an existing model I made in SketchUp and when I render it I can see the original sketch up model, but not the imported 3ds.

Any advice much appreciated.


Some images of the model at least would help.

Are there faces? Are they reversed? Many renderers won’t render faces that are reversed in SketchUp.


Hi Dave,

Can you see the file attached? Right in the middle of the model is (at a much smaller scale) my sketch up model from another project. Some of the faces have come in reversed but the majority seem to be the right way around. All I am trying to do is to work out if we can use the BIM features of Vectorworks without buying the render package that goes with it, so the models are nothing to look at themselves.


I don’t see anything.

Perhaps you can upload the SKP file with the problem geometry using the Upload button near the middle of the row of buttons across the top of the posting window. (or hit Ctrl+G)


It is a skp file but it won’t upload. I get an error message like this

I will try to work out why this now doesn’t work




I see screen shots but no SKP file. Are you sure you weren’t trying to upload the SKB file by mistake?

Most of the model appears to be below the the ground plane although I’m not sure that would cause the effect you’re seeing.

My father would have described your render as a “cow eating grass”. Where’s the grass? “The cow ate it.” Where’s the cow? “You wouldn’t expect the cow to hang around if there wasn’t any grass to eat, would you?” :smiley:


your zoom on the framebuffer (render window) is 800% you are zoomed in too far to see anything.

Perhaps zoom out?


Good catch. I didn’t open the image.


VW-Sketchup.skp (1.7 MB)


Did you see Joseph Kim’s reply?


Hi Dave,

I did see Josephs reply but I don’t understand how I could be zoomed in too far. You can see how close I was to the model and I can’t see why it would not be an acceptable distance. Same goes for the cow and the grass. Never been an issue before. There isn’t a ground plane, so there is nothing that could be getting in the way.


use your scroll mouse wheel on the framebuffer.

your viewport and framebuffer can have different zoom ratio.


btw, I love this joke.



Hi guys,

So, the programme crashed several times during this conversation and when I re-opened it just now it rendered it fine. The zoom not making a difference so It wasn’t that. Whilst this is good I’m a bit at a loss as to what was the problem.


now you have zoomed out on your viewport, and your framebuffer has enlarged in size (you can tell by the scroll bar size on the right and bottom)

I reckon zoom was the issue, but glad you got it now.


Thank you both for your time! Have a nice day


On the issue of “reversed faces”…
Viewed in Monochrome mode your SKP shows some reversed faces - doors, kitchen units etc.
It’s always best to have all back-sides [default style color blue-gray] of all faces ‘inside’ your objects.
Most renderers won’t render them properly - especially if textured-materials are used…


Nuff said.