Some warehouse objects doesn't show up in Vray render Sketch up

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Sketch up and V ray. I made a simple interior scene and imported some furniture from warehouse website into it. But when I rendere, It only shows the walls, windows… I tried to explode (and make component) all the imported furnitures. But just 3 of them showed up… Anyone has an idea of what can I do? I’m using Sketch up make 2017 and V ray trail version.

Did you check face orientation on the objects that don’t show up? It’s possible their faces are reversed and they won’t be rendered.

Maybe you could make it easier for us to help by uploading the SKP file or at least providing a warehouse link to the components that don’t show.

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The file is too large to be loaded but I have it on drive:
It’s called “Render”. Please have a look at it.

This is a link to one of the objects:

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the couch model. I’d look at the material you applied to it and investigate why Vray doesn’t render it. Ask on the Vray forum. More Vray users there.

All of the ‘Blue’ faces are reversed, and will not render properly.

Use View > Monochrome mode… with a Style that has a back-face color that is distinctive…


Thanks for help. The only objects I modified were the sofa and the closet. But to me All the objects are not showing up in Vray render (except mirror). I’ll try to ask on Vray forum. It surely has something to do with it…

thanks a lot. I modify it :slight_smile:

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