Solid rectangle in Vray


When getting a Vray render it shows this large flat rectangle which I have not purposely created. I try to click it on sketchup but it disappears so it cant be a real object i dont think…

It is made apparent in the Sketchup model around the plant warehouse extensions but isnt really there until I make a render. Weird stuff!

I’ve tried the classic restart etc. Has anyone seen this before? Unfortunatley I can only show one picture

Can you post the model? What happens if you turn on Hidden Objects and Hidden Geometry? Are all Tags visible?

Thanks for such a quick reply Anssi!

Thats a screenshot with the hidden objects and geometry showing, no sign. Not sure what you mean by tags.

The picture you posted suggests that the plants have a 2D representation, possibly as a face painted with a PNG image. If the face has its back side facing upwards it might lead to V-ray rendering it with a default material. Impossible to say for sure without the SKP file. Tags is what Layers was renamed to in the 2020 version of SketchUp.

Okay ill have a think about getting rid of them or swapping them out for others perhaps?

Again, thank you very much

I spoke to my tutor and the issue is actually just that i have my plan imported from autocad

Sorry to say that this is not “an answer to clarify” what the actual problem is.

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I think the issue is that you have a hidden face that turns up in V-ray. V-ray is in my experience not good at inventing geometry that is not there. You showed an image that suggests that it is something inside your plant components (were they downloaded from the 3D Warehouse?)
Another possibility would be the SketchUp ground plane if your floor level coincides with it and tha actual “ground” is below it, but that should show as an infinite plane.

Until we see the actual SKP file we are just guessing.

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