V RAY Extension

I would like to add VRAY to my laptop.
Will it run very slow? My laptop is a few years old. Dell Insiprion 15 5000
Would I need to get a better laptop?
Any advice would be appreciated.

According to the specs at Dell this would be a low end student or business notebook.

Although the CPUs are 11th generation, there are 3 choices in the model, i3, i5 and i7 (going from worst to best.)

The NVIDIA GeForce MX450 Laptop Graphics are low end (2GB VRAM) below both GTX and RTX graphics GPUs.

Basically, no in my opinion your notebook is subpar for rendering.

You need a gaming notebook or workstation with a GTX or RTX discrete graphics with as much VRAM as you can get. System RAM is also important 16GB minimum, but more is better if you will be running other applications at the same time.

If you like Dell, look at something in their G series. They also have the high end Alienware models.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question.
I now have a much clearer direction on what to do.
Much appreciated!

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It depends on how complex your models are. I have been able to use V-Ray to render my small models on my ASUS ultrabook ( i7-10510U, Nvidia MX250) quite Ok, even using GPU rendering.

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I use SketchUp for interior design.
As it is, Layout is very slow if the file is large.
I try not to get anything from 3D warehouse above 1.5 MB, and usually stick to no MB’s.
I guess the writing’s on the wall.
I need a new laptop.
I do appreciate your response.
If I do get a better laptop as the ones suggested, will Layout be faster?
I never only Render in Raster if the file is large, which is almost always.
Appreciate your help.

Have you looked at the changes in LayOut 2024 ?

Extra system RAM is always helpful for applications. LayOut 2024 has an experimental graphics engine that is directly using MS DirectX 12 on Windows (and Metal on Mac.) It is supposed to be faster.

A newer GPU will likely have more VRAM and be faster. There are sites on the web that you can compare GPU speed tests for your old MX450 against whatever it is you may consider upgrading toward.

I will update to SketchUp 2024 for sure.
Thanks again!

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