My computer is super slow

Well, i have dell inspiron 5567 which comes powered with 8 gigs of ram ddr4, i5 7200u, amd r7 m445 2gb gddr5 and WD hard drive 1 tb 5400 rpm windows 10 pro 64 bits
And a friend of mine has another laptop: i3 4030u, 8 gigs of ram ddr3, an nvidia gpu ( i forget its name ) and 500 gb hard drive windows 8.1 pro 64 bits
Both using same version of sketchup and v ray
His computer tends to open files, model and render faster than my computer
I sometimes can not even open 150 200 mb file, which he does open very smoothly
We tried to render the same scene with the same exact settings of v ray, his took like 30 minutes, mine took almost 6 hours to render

Your friend has a solid state hard drive and you have a disc drive that is slow by disc drive standards. That is why his files open faster.

Your friend has a dedicated nvidia card and you have a slow amd card that vray won’t recognize. That is why his renders are faster.

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One reason might be that Vray can be set up to use the CUDA cores on Nvidia graphics cards to accelerate the rendering process. That might need different settings, though About opening files, I don’t know. Are the both hard drives traditional or SSD?

We both have HDD
He has nvidia gt m820 i believe