Computing Specifications

Can anybody advise good Dell Laptop specification for SketchUp Pro. I’m also considering moving into rendering (Vray - Luminon - Twin Motion) to enhance presentation. Must be a Laptop for portability and need to improve workflow.

Why Dell?
Choose a reasonable CPU with a good single-thread performance (for SketchUIp) and a good to premium Nvidia graphics card (V-Ray and Twinmotion can use it for rendering, don’t know about Lumion). Probably 32 GB or more RAM would be in order.

Company are buying laptop for me and thats their prefered supplier.

For Twinmotion and Lumion you must look graphic card with RTX technology and 8 Gb memory - as NVidia 3070 or higher. This VRAM is recomended for Twinmotion

Thank you, any views on Vray?