V-ray 3.4 gpu acceleration render problem

I am facing a problem which I can’t solve since december.
When I want to use progressive rendering with gpu acceleration some materials act like mirror/chrome, they loose their structure and colors. While rendering with CPU everything is fine.

My configuration is Nvidia gtx 1070 8gb, i7-6700k, 32gb ram.
Does anyone know cause of the problem?
Thanks in advance.

And the proper render with CPU

Can you post a screenshot of the SketchUp model with the View>Face Style set to Monochrome?

Hi, I am having the same issue with an i5, GTX 670, 16Gb Ram.
Latest Geforce Drivers installed

Rending on my CPU is taking forever.

With this, we might quickly determine if the issues you are all experiencing are SketchUp related or V-ray related.

Lots of reversed faces. You have some cleaning to do. The standard backface color is the grayish blue, while the front face color is white. Right click on a face, and then click ‘reverse faces’. You can right click on a face which is oriented the right way and click ‘orient faces’, depending on how you have modeled, more or less faces will turn right. Continue till all is white. You might have to apply textures again as well, when done reversing…

Thank you for the help !
Correcting reversed faces + some job with reflections helped!

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