Gpu problem rendering on v ray

hey guys i have problem where when i try to render on v ray sketchup 2022 using my gpu some of the models become invisible cpu works fine but gpu have problems for no reson my gpu is 6600 amd 8GB


this is an ongoing rendering. you do know we have no idea what’s there and what’s not, right ? :slight_smile:
you’ll need to share the file with us, you can use google drive or wetransfer or similar, just make sure to allow us access to the link.

right off the bat, the most common thing with rendering softwares making stuff disappear is incorrect face orientation. faces have a recto and a verso, usually white and greyish.
verso faces won’t be visible. only recto.

well yeah but all of my renders are like that fished or not here another example only the v ray material disappear

and thanks so much for trying to help sir

and thats the file link hotel.skp - Google Drive

Has Output Override somehow got enabled?

no its disabeld

As @ateliernab indicated:

All of the blue faces are incorrectly oriented with the back (verso) faces exposed. Reverse those faces and your problem should be solved.

You’ll have the same sort of problem in the other part of the model, too.

As for your SketchUp model, there’s a load of incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created AND REMAIN untagged. Only groups and components should be given tags.
Screenshot - 6_6_2024 , 4_00_21 PM
Purge unused componets and materials regularly. There’s no need to be hoarding stuff.
Screenshot - 6_6_2024 , 4_00_39 PM

i think i did try every thing u said and still same problem what should i do

I’d have to guess you didn’t. I did correct the face orientation on the door panels and the backsplash and those faces seem to be rendering fine.

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sir can u resend the file please so i can try it i just want to make sure that my gpu is not broken i have no idea how to do it i tried to do what u said to me but it didnt work the thing that is driving me crazy is cpu works fine its only when i try to render on my gpu this happins
thanks for helping me again

Here you go.

If the thread title and your profile match, your problem might be that V-Ray only supports GPU rendering with Nvidia graphics cards.