V.2023 Autosave context shuttling

@colin I surprised nobody complains about this new behavior:
When autosave process begins, SU (on Win) jumps out of the current context and it returns user back when the process is over. All nice and good, BUT If one had a meticulously selected stuff - selection will be lost, if one is in the middle of editing profile or path of Profile Builder assemblies - it will get corrupted.
Extremely annoying!
Any chance to get back to the the autosave behavior we had in previous versions?
Thanks for attention

Later versions of SketchUp are more capable of fixing minor issues, that if left alone could lead to the file not being able to open again. To make sure everything gets looked at you do get jumped up to the root level of the model for a moment. Going back to the older way of working, where any problems don’t get fixed, isn’t likely to be approved.

We do reinstate the existing selection, so I don’t know what Profile Builder is doing that would lose the selection. Dale may have ideas. @Whaat

I’m afraid it’s not true - everything is deselected in context. Set 1 min autosave and see.
Regarding PB… the point is when user exits profile\path editing the plugin asks all sorts of questions via modal pop-up windows. Currently the brave new Autosave doesn’t let it happen
P.S. maybe SU could postpone autosave if context work or active selection is detected?

The problem is even deeper. ANY kind of selection inside the context won’t be preserved even after the regular save (shortcut). Please fix it!

Me and the developer both tested that, and for us anything that was selected is still selected after the Save. Can you give an example model and a screen recording to show the selection being lost?

I did make the suggestion or delaying autosave if you’re inside a context, but the worry was the extra risk in losing autosave, if for example you happen to be working inside groups and components for a long period.

This issue is news to me. I’ll have to do some testing but it feels like a poor choice by the SU developers as changing context unexpectedly is likely to have an unexpected effect on observers and assumptions that are used by extension developers such as myself.

This issue might also be affecting Artisan. We have more than one plugin that has observers that get triggered when a user changes modeling context.

Colin, please make the team aware that this change could be negatively impacting several plugins, not just ours and they should try to develop a new solution that does not change context.

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OK, just did some testing of Profile Builder 3 and Artisan 2 with autosave in SU2023.1 and this new poorly thought-out lazy auto-save implementation completely breaks the path editing feature of Profile Builder!
And, for Artisan, it causes loss of selection which is also TERRIBLE!

This was a very bad development decision by the SU team. Surely, any ‘fixes’ that are needed can be performed while staying in the current model context. This new autosave in SU2023.1 implementation just feels sloppy and hacky to me! No thought of observers at all! How could they miss this?

Please revert or fix this issue before next release!
@tt_su @ene_su


thank you @colin for extremely neat idea to invite Whaat to discussion. Hope his insight will be a valuable food for thought. please roll back or fix it somehow.

I’m extremely happy to see the issue is resolved in the latest v.2023-1-340-117, no more context runs on saving. Thank you very much, Trimble and @Whaat

(Offtopic) However I can’t adopt this update because the part of shortcuts still broken (modifier keys + arrows, numpad ect). @colin please Trimble make a final effort and sort it out.
BTW Deselecting on save DOES happens in earlier version (2023.0.419) but again, I can’t upgrade because this is the last build where shortcuts work fully.
Thank you