Utility to Set extension line length for LayOut files



Hi all,
I’ve been looking for a solution in LayOut to set a constant length for all the extension lines in all the dimensions, and then created my first utility for LayOut - in case you’d like to try, check at: www.fb.com/SUreUtils
Full version intended to sell at 5 EUR.
Utility: it works on a saved layout file and not inside LayOut:


This is a commercial utility costing 5 euro. (At time of writing.)
There is no name associated with the facebook account,
and the account owner misspells SketchUp, as “SkutchUp”.

It does not act WITHIN LayOut, it acts UPON LayOut files.


Thanks for the hint and facts. I’ve corrected the misspelling.
I think that at the moment there is no way to add a real extension to LayOut as you are used to have in SketchUp, that’s the reason for working upon the file…
You forgot to mention the professional design and marketing skills of the account owner :wink:

I haven’t intended to hurt any conventions with my utility, fb site or this topic. If you have suggestions how to make it better, please share.


You should have given more details in your original post including that there is a cost involved.

Also one post about it is enough. Don’t spam the forum.


Thanks - I’ve amended the original post.