Using Trimble scan essentials with sketchupPRO 2022?

HI! I have a full sketchup pro 2022 license. I’m trying to use 3D building scans and have installed the Scan essentials plug in. the tool bar is avilable when I open SketchUp but when I clic on the ‘open’ icon, a message says my trial Studio license has expired and if clic on any button there, an error 404 springs up. I’ve installe the plusin correctly but ??? can someone help? thansk!

Do you have a SketchUp Studio license? If not, Scan Essentials won’t work for you.

okay, so I needthe full Studio pack in order for it to work… ok so no, I don’t,
so I tried to install a trial version the prompt suggested but a message poped up indicating my trial has expired?

Yes. You need the full Studio license to be able to use Scan Essentials at all.

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