Scan Essentials Trial

I downloaded the Scan Essentials trial and installed the extension. For some reason I can’t turn on the toolbar. It’s not even an option. I have confirmed that the extension is installed in the Extension Manager and it says it’s activated. Not sure what I’m missing here…

In what version of SketchUp?
Your profile indicates 2018, which won’t work.

I have a trial for Sketchup Scan Essentails. It shows up on my PC as Sketchup Pro 2021 with an active trial. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

If you go to and sign in with the same email that you use to sugn in to SketchUp, what doe it say under ‘My products’ > View included apps?

It says Sketchup Studio 30 Day Trial is active…
Scan Essentials included

Have you closed and restarted SketchUp already?
Open the ruby console [menu] Extensions > Developer Tools
Close SketchUp and start again.
Does it say anything?