Scan Essentials instant trial expiry

i have SketchUp pro and have just installed the scan essentials extension but instantly it says the trial expired before I’ve even used it? has anyone else had this issue or know how to rectify this?

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Have you ever used the trial before?
If so it’s normal that it would say expired…

Hi Mark

Where did you install the Scan Essentials? Is it part of the SketchUp Studio trial which you have signed up? Have you used a trial this year at all? Scan Essentials reads your SketchUp entitlement, and if you have used a sketchup trial then the trial entitlement will not give you access to Scan Essentials. Unless you sign up with a different email address to activate a new trial which will give you access to Scan Essentials for free for 30 days.


I wasn’t aware that I had signed up to the studio trial this year.? i was using the free online version before I purchased pro?

Hi Mark, there is no free version of Scan Essentials on the market, there is a standalone version of the extension which costs $550/ year. What was the free extension that you have used in the past? Whats your plan of using Scan Essentials? Do you have point clouds already? What are your purposes of using point clouds?

I believe Mark means Sketchup Free instead of an extension…

all sorted- i created a new log in under a different email address and started a new free trial - this gave me access to the scan essentials extension in pro.
thanks for your input.

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