Scan Essentials Keeps Telling Me I Need to Upgrade

I have sketchup studio and want to bring in a point cloud but I keep getting this message “Importing Point Clouds is a feature only available in Sketchup Studio. Please purchase or activate a Trial Version”, I ALREADY HAVE STUDIO. I have emailed SketchUp for help but the service has been brutal.

I don’t see anything wrong with your subscription. Can you try signing out and signing in again?

Make sure you are signing in with your Gmail address.


I have done this already like 8 times. Any other suggestions?

It’s critical I get this functionality as I am incorporating it into two courses at Mohawk College.

The developer sees an issue that would account for what you’re seeing. He is based in Europe, and hopes to directly contact you with a solution, probably during your night. So, look for a message in your morning.

Much appreciated.


Thanks to @tagearchiecrooks we identified and then released a fix for this issue on the Extension Warehouse. It affects some EDU subscription. Please update Scan Essentials if you are in the same situation.