Using the dimension tool to get distance between the edges of two circles

I have two circles inscribed on a square and I am able to get dimensions from the sides of the square to the edge of the circles but I am not able to get the dimensions from the edge of the circle to the edge of the other circle. When I try it just selects the full circle and gives me the radius of the circles. I am able to get the distance from midpoint to midpoint of each circle. Is there some way to get the dimension of the distance between the two circles?

Probably the simplest is to add an edge for the dimension, then remove it.
Temp measure

Great idea. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Thank you Box.

Or use the Tape Measure tool to measure the distance from a point on the circumference of one circle to the closest point on the circumference of the other circle. If the two circles have both been pulled out during creation such that their points are similarly well aligned (north-south, say) then the distance between nearest points will be the distance between the circles.

Yeah that works, however I am shifting the circles around a little bit and when I do that it’s a lot harder to see

Do you know what that the distance between circles is supposed to be? Or are you just eyeballing it?

A way to get an idealized accurate distance from circumference to circumference is to measure the distance between centers, and subtract the common diameter (or subtract the radius of each circle if their radii differ). Due to SketchUp’s approximated circles, the mathematical result from the above procedure may differ somewhat from the minimum distance between the closest points of the two closest segmented-circle edges.

I’ll just point out that the method I used above keeps the dimension link so it will update as you move the circles.
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Which can be seen here:

This is what I am looking for. Working on it now.