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I am having a hard time using the RULER/measure tool. I want to set a point i a line that is 5mm from the middle point. Take a look at the image below:

Everytime I click in the middle of the line and move the measure tool in the same path as the line it always shows 0mm as image shown above. Even if I type 5 and press enter it does not create the dot/marker in the line.

This problem happens in many cases but you can try it in the attached file. So how do I set a point/“cross” 5mm or Xmm from the middle of a line?

nao consigo.skp (134.3 KB)

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This is happening because every time you use the Tape Measure tool (it isn’t called the Ruler) from an edge or a midpoint, it draws a guideline, not a guide point.

One way to get around this is to draw a short line from the midpoint at right angles to the line it is in, then use the Tape Measure tool to draw a guideline parallel to your new edge.

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Thanks my friend, I really didnt know that, I was struggling hard! Anyway, I think this is stupidity from Skecthup… it’s complete not intuitive what happens! I will accept your solution later but I really hope some other people discover a better way of doing it. Thanks anyway.

I didn’t know that either, good to know, thank you John.

@batata003 maybe this works for you.

  1. You make a guideline that intersect the midpoint.


  1. Then you use measure tape tool from the intersection point and type 5 and press return.


A hardest way dividing the line in 2 segments (you can also use right click > divide ):


Best alternative so far! I will start using it… does not anybody created a MEASURE TOOL that fix this problem so I can use it as a plugin? It annoys me a lot many times when I try to create marker/point and skecthuip does not allow me.

The best thing is to learn how to use the Tape Measure tool properly. Then you won’t have these problems.


Against worldwide 200.000 activations of a SketchUp session a week, one post about the measurement tool doesn’t seem much to me,

To me that’s very clear that there is some bug with the software or at least the documentation of it is very misleading.

“Knowing that endpoints force this mode you can first inference an endpoint in your model then create guide point from pretty much anywhere. So long as your inference relates to the inference point location”

So, endpoints force the mode where I can create guide points. WHY a middle point of a line is not considered a point nor an endpoint??? Why cant I create a guide point beginning from the middle point of a line? Cause if I try to create this guide point using ANY OTHER POINT of the line I CAN! I only cant do that if I choose the midle point.

That’s very clear, no need to be professional or smart (I am not both, clearly).

Because it is not an endpoint

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A midpoint is an inference (aka snap) location. There is no vertex or actual geometry point located there, else the edge would be split in two halves and the “midpoint” would actually be an endpoint! Guide points need a real geometry point to serve as anchor, so the only way to implement what you want would be to split the original edge in two. But guides aren’t supposed to modify the model geometry.


@MikeWayzovski what I am supposed to look at Measuring Angles and Distances to Model Precisely | SketchUp Help ? I didnt find anything explaining why a center point is not a point.

@slbaumgartner I totally disagree with you. If I hove my mouse over a perfect single straight line, Skecthip will infer many points that I can use to start a guide point. I dont need a line to be split in half to have the inference algorithm suggsting me a point, if I hover my mouse in a line (I DONT EVEN NEED TO BE VERY PRECISE POSITIONING THE MOUSE) it will suggest points along the line.

@slbaumgartner explained it. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with it. He’s give you the facts. Inference points are you endpoints of vertices.

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The designers of SU could have chosen to make the Tape Measure tool work the way you want it to, on a midpoint. They didn’t. Live with it.


That’s the solution! Clearly they could have made this decision, but unfortunately they didnt.

When hovering over an edge with a Draw tool active (Lines/Arcs/Shapes) the cursor changes
(from start point to endpoint):

The inner circles/squares are transparant, you can see the edge behind it. You will only see points at the end of the edge, not in between:

the black inference pointinf_frompoint_128pops up if you are not on a line

more help here:


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