Using 'Round Corner' plugin on complex shapes

Hi All, I’m trying to use ‘Round Corner’ for this polyhedron and the plugin is not having any of it. Is there a way I can make this work? If not, any other suggestions as to how I could round the corners of all of these edges? Thanks in advance.

I would suggest sharing the SKP file, then someone can look and tell you exactly what the issue is. Just guessing, is your corner measurement larger than the faces of the shape? Also, you have a hole in the middle of the selected edges.

Here is the file…

Polyhedron.skp (47.9 KB)

There are numerous videos on this subject, which might be of help. Here is one for example:

The hole is making it confused. Remove it and it will work. Also get in the habit of orienting your faces correctly, the blue faces are the back faces and shouldn’t be visible. They can make problems with rendering and 3d printing etc.

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