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Dear All,
I am new to Sketchup. I want to use it for a special use, which looks simple to me but I have not been able to make Sketchup do want I Want. Let me explain.

I have a photo with a quadcopter ( .png).

I have a .skp model of the plane.

I want to find the attitude ( orientation) of the quadcopter on the picture by moving the orientation of the 3D model and scale in order to fit the picture of the quadcopter.

I want then to be able to read the orientation parameters of the quadcopter.

I have searched a lot, read some book, see some videos, but am still not able to do it.

I can load the 3D model, orientate it, but I cannot add the photo in the background. I I add it with the Match photo option, it still moves when I move the quadcopter.

Please help

Try importing the image File > Import
You can then scale the image to match the model.

Thanks for a feedback, ad_111, but I dont think importing the image will work.

Meanwhile, I found, searching on the web, which brought back to the forum, that using Watermark does what I want. It let you create a background view that will not move.

So my first problem is solved.

But I have another one. I want to put two copies of the same object in my view, but with two different orientations. Right now, if I move one, the second also moves. I suppose that this is because its just the observer that moves.

How to really move one object with respect to the other one ?

Could you upload the file or attach a screenshot so we can see what is happening?

Well, typically select one object then use the move or rotate tool. If they’re both grouped together or something, that would be a problem, but we don’t have enough info to know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide pictures. It is classified information.

I understand the orbit tool moves the camera, while the rotate tool moves the object.

But the rotate tool is far less flexible than the orbit tool.

Is there a way to rotate an object as with the orbit tool ?

The orbit tool only controls the camera view. The rotate tool, while requiring a bit more effort, can achieve what you are looking for. You can rotate the model using the arrow keys to dictate the axis on which you are rotating. Additionally, if what you are rotating is a group you can use the move command and use the red anchor points to rotate around the center of the model. Hope this helps.

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Thanks ad_111,

Yes it helps. As a total novice in sketchup, any feedback is really helpful. It helps a lot to progress faster.
I think I manage to do what I wanted.
The goal is to find the real respective positions of the quadcopters in the photo.
I think I can now go for it and really exploit all the pictures I have.

Good to hear!

With the rotate tool, in addition to the arrow keys as @ad_1011 describes, you can also, instead of clicking to place the center of rotation, click-and-drag out a line that defines the axis of rotation.

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