Painted Objects don't remain painted when I move them over/set points across another object

I drew up some columns and added color to distinguish them in a model and made them a group. I copied/moved/duplicated etc and tried to set them in place with a set point to another object and when I moved them over the other object saved as a group or a component, the color goes away on the columns. What causes this and how to
correct it?

Can you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and help you get it sorted out?

Sorry, adding a .skp file is beyond my technological capabilities to understand what that is. I’m a newbie here to this fourum and have struggled with Sketchup for a couple of years now. How can I attach a jpeg snip of the condition?

Instead of attaching a “jpeg snip” attach the saved SketchUp model file. Just drag and drop the file into a reply. If it’s too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

The jpg doesn’t do much good. Kind of looks like the geometry you’re moving is under other geometry but that’s only a guess.

I placed the brown square half on the other object to show that the whole brown square does not remain painted when placed over another object.

I’m not going to guess anymore at what you’ve got going on. It’s not worth the time. If you’d share the .skp file so I can see exactly what you’ve got going on, I’ll be glad to help.

“Instead of attaching a “jpeg snip” attach the saved SketchUp model file. Just drag and drop the file into a reply.” This is what I am uncertain how to do. I have the file open in sketchup and the forum on a browser. how can I drag and drop from shetchup??

Save the SketchUp file to your computer. Then drag the file into the reply pane in the browser.

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It seems likely that you are thinking of the SketchUp model as 2D, whereas everything in SketchUp is always 3D. Even if it is a flat object and you are viewing it square on, it still has a distance from the camera in 3D space that may be different for each object. The square may be farther away than (hence “below”) the rest.

East Planter- power pole details 1.skp (384.1 KB)

It is exactly what @slbaumgartner says, you are thinking in 2d.
2d objects placed on the same plane will fight for dominance and create what is called z-fighting. The flashing of one face changing to another as you move around.
Sketchup is a 3d program so you need to treat it as such. If you wish to only make 2d plans there are better options available. Or draw in 3d then look at it from the top in parallel projection as you had it set and it will look like a 2d plan.