Colouring a copied item

Hi everyone, this is the first time I’ve posted! I’m doing this course alongside a degree and private work.
I am trying to show two layout/colour ways in sketch up and after copying and pasting the model i cannot change the taps to brass and black because both change to the same each time???
I’ve tried ‘exploding’ and it doesnt work. If anyone could help me I’ll be grateful!!
Thanks Vic

You’d need to share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you are working with and how you have the model organized.

colour change with copied item

Sorry if this sounds stupid but I am trying to attach via email and unsure who the file should be snet to ie, email address?

Go to your thread on the forum webpage. Drag and drop the file into a reply. Or if it is too large to upload directly, upload it to Dropbox and share the link.

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Hope this works ok

I wonder, did you share the right file? This is what I see, which makes no sense with your question…

That worked but like @slbaumgartner I’m thinking it isn’t the right SketchUp file.

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thanks for being patient with me. I’ve tried again!

re sent below thanks

That looks better. So make the component containing the three parts unique and then open it and make the three components inside unigue. You’ll also need to dig down into the tap handles and make the sub-components unique. Or better, just explode the sub components. Then you can open them for editing and change the material without affecting the other ones.

As @DaveR suggested, nesting of objects is likely confusing your efforts to change the coloring because materials applied to objects nested inside a component take precedence over the material applied to the containing component. Those taps have several levels of nesting.

this is great and worked with the taps. Struggling with the black toilet?

ok so i need to learn about nesting

Same thing. You have to make the various levels of components in the nested component unique. I don’t really think you need these components to be so heavily nested. I’d explode the inner components and groups and simplify these elements.

Ok soin future I can avoid this by clicking on the component so much to add colour and nesting? I will do research on this to understand more. Thanks for all this otherwise i would have been here hours!

Have a look at Outliner. That will give you a teext version of the objects in your model. There’s a rediculous number of groups in this toilet component for how you will use it.

You can explode all those inner bits (or delete some of those groups without and loss of detail for your use.

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thank you. This gives me an understanding going forward

If you switch the face style to Monochrome and turn on X-ray you can see there are unneeded bits in the component.

Do you have any need to show the toilet with the lid raised? If not you could edit the base, too, to remove the hollow for the bowl.

By the way, instead of using black for these things, use a dark gray so you don’t lose the shape.

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