Using navigation tools freezes model

I am starting a 3D model but the base model freezes when I use Orbit or Zoom tools beyond a limited extent and the model disappears. I have a scene saved and when this happens I can bring the model back (and use the tools to an extent) when I go to the scene.
Here is the link to the model: Dropbox - Base plan Nesbit_JHGD 14.9.21 - Simplify your life
Thanks for your help -
PS not sure why it says Simplify your life, it’s a link shortcut I think.

Doesn’t appear to be a link to your .skp file.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Hello Dave,
Thanks for replying. I’m using Sketchup 2017. Have looked at my profile and it has my Mac details. (It’s Os X El Capitan version 10.11.6.) What do you want me to fill in? I can’t find anything else but happy to supply information.

The SketchUp version and license type are missing from your forum profile. Please add that.

Screenshot - 9_20_2021 , 11_19_59 AM

There appear to be two Dropbox entries for the model - here is one link: Dropbox - Base plan Nesbit_JHGD 14.9.21 - Simplify your life
and here is another. Dropbox - Base plan Nesbit:JHGD 14.9.21.dae - Simplify your life

The first link only shows some materials. The second appears to be a Collada (.dae) file. Neither one is the .skp file. It looks like you’ve exported the .dae file and upload it along with the materials folder. Just save your file and upload the .skp file to DropBox.

Hi - I’ve uploaded it via Dropbox this time rather than by exporting from Sketchup which uses .dae. So hope this works: Dropbox - Base plan Nesbit:JHGD 14.9.21.skp - Simplify your life

That is the .skp file. I don’t know why you were exporting instead of saving before. I’ll look at your file and get back to you. In the meantime, go ahead and finish up your profile.

OK. It appears you managed to get the camera positioned at a huge distance from the model. I fixed that. Then I fixed a little incorrect layer/tag usage and purged unused stuff from the file. The latter operation reduced the file size by about 80%.
Screenshot - 9_20_2021 , 11_39_27 AM

Screenshot - 9_20_2021 , 11_39_52 AM

See if this will behave a little better for you.
Base plan Nesbit_JHGD 14.9.21 purged.skp (8.5 MB)

Is this your back garden?

Thanks for completing your profile. That information helps us help you.

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Hello Dave,
Thanks very much, that works fine. I have now figured out how to purge components, but not how to alter the camera position - how did you do that? I appreciate you taking the time to look at my model.
Kind regards,

I used a little plugin called RescuemyModel which is available here:

Hello Dave,
Thanks very much for this idea - I’ll get it downloaded so I can unstick things in future. It looks a useful bit of code.
Kind regards,