Using Mouse to Replicate Selected Geometry

It’s been a few years since I used SketchUp with any regularity. I had a computer failure and it was several years before I got another computer that could run SU. Now that I have a capable computer and SU again, I find that I have lost some of my knowledge.

I seem to recall that it is possible to select geometry and replicate it using the mouse and a keyboard key, eg, alt, ctl, shift ? Am I having a senior moment?


On a Mac, select the geometry with the mouse, press m, press alt then move the copy with the mouse, or select geometry, press m and move to desired location then press alt before clicking for end of move.

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Thanks, Guido!

I forgot to mention that I run a Windows 10 PC.

I believe the alt key works on windows, it’s option/alt on my Mac keyboard.

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Ctrl on Windows.

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Thank you! CTL + M works.