Using IDS in Trimble Connect

Is it possible to upload an IDS to Trimble Connect?
If it is not possible, does anyone know if it is in the Roadmap to use rules that come from an IDS with the Trimble Connect Organizer?
Maybe @MikeWayzovski @olivia_feng or @tiagoricotta could have more information…

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The IDS is now official (version 1.0) and a lot of software already started implementing 0.9 and now working on it.

The basic idea is to get everyone on the same page regarding a project. It should be ‘machine readable’ (Xml) but also human readable (pdf).

One can use the rule based formula editor in the Trimble Connect Organizer workflow extension to implement IDS rules manually:

Still, this is based on files sent in by a subcontractor or manufacturer who would need to implement this in the authoring software, redo something or add properties and sent it back.

Sooner or later, these files get very large. (BuildingSMART is now heading for a different approach with IFC 5) The basic idea with IFC 5 is that it should be possible to add properties to the ‘repository’ of a building so that the Fire-expert can add Fire Rating properties without having to instruct the modeller to do it in their authoring software.

This can also be done in the Workflow extensions, one can add your own (IDS based) property set on Account or project level:


These property sets have their own management for access or editing:

The Workflow extensions (DataTable and Organizer) are based on the workflow developed by NASA to breakdown large projects in to more human readable bits and bytes. But projects tend to get more complicated, so we probably wind up with some sort of AI-assistant to help organizing or getting the information ('Show me all the doors on Level 02 with a Fire rating of 60minutes") It would than not be filebased, but it should look in the repository of the project, where every bit of information is added by the various stakeholders. ( It might read the pdf-specification uploaded by the manufacturer, take in account the datum when the door was installed, the check up by the main contractor, etc, etc)


Thank you for all the information. I am currently doing my own model revisions as you indicate, using organizer rules.
I was asking this question because in Spain there are already organizations that are going to use IDS for the granting of urban planning permits and it would be good if these IDS could be loaded into trimble Connect.