A short visit to Trimble Connect

every now and then I visit Trimble Connect to see if it has started working.

the ifc will not load.

But this looks fun, a desktop manager, so I can have sync Folders maybe? Wait, it’s just for windows.

And maybe I can connect to some external web site where the rest of a current project stores its files: No, didn’t work.

It’s no big secret that the apps from Trimble Connect where developed on Windows platform.
If the importer for .ifc doesn’t work on Mac, referencing would not work , either.
You can test this by trying to import the .ifc via the file > import method, instead via the collaboration manager.

If you go to that project in a webbrowser, and open that .ifc in the 3D Viewer, does it show up?

If it does, you can click on the ‘Kebab-menu’ (three dots) and choose ‘Download as TrimBim’

See if you can import that in SketchUp via the import option.

There are a few things different between Trimble Connect for Desktop and Trimble Connect Browser, but I agree it would be nice to have a native Mac app as well.

The Trimble Connect Sync tool is there for both, btw and allows you to sync to a folder on your machine or network location (even cloud based, all cloud based sync tools have a local location)

The place shown where an Url can be pasted is for extensions that get loaded from the Cloud’s extension store, where developers can place API-based methods to interact in the 3D Viwer with models and data.
Some are developed by Trimble (Markers for hololens, status sharing, BCF topics) but larger companies usually create their own.

You can add attachments to objects in the 3D Viewer, which can hold images or any website url that you want.
It will open in a different tab in the browser.

thanks, but I not understand how that can help me in bringing files in from other project cloud solutions as synced. I can click on that url in the 3d view, but it would be easier to transfer them manually, downloading them and then uploading them again to my private Trimble Connect folder, and getting them into sketchup from there.

  • yes, ifc shows up in 3d viewer.
  • The ifc will import directly into sketchup, but not from Connect. Maybe they updated the import filter in the desktop app, but didn’t do the same for the connect thing.
    -The ifc will fail also if I just drag it into the sketchup window, not that that’s really important.
  • I can download as TrimBim. That will be a normal import from there. I notice all ifc classification is purged, so only untagged geometry.

The advanced workflows team should be on this. But workflows are a bit boring I guess, and they are now onto cool new selection tools :slight_smile:

I downloaded the sync tool, and now have a sync folder working. So far I´not sure that helps me unless I can convince project managers to go all in on Connect.

I don’t have access to a Mac, currently, but I do remember dragging and dropping seemed to fail right after they added the option ‘all supported formats ‘ in the import dialog.
Setting this to the specific (.ifc,.ifczip) in a new file first might get it to work again (at least it did for .dwg)

And before using the collaboration manager, the file needs to be saved and published, of course.

As for adding additional cloud located files, they need to be downloaded to a real location, first.
It maybe that it is the case already in a hidden location.

If you add a folder in the browser to your project, you can use the Sync app to upload them all in one via a (new created) schedule.
You can set the sync root of the cloud towards that folder and the local folder to that folder where you have downloaded all the files from the other cloud.

Drag and drop not working is not really an issue for me, I just mentioned it as import from Connect seem to fail in the same way, so maybe relatet.

I’ll read the rest of your post slowly and repeatedly. This is advanced workflows I guess…