Just do it

Just finished a small project:

Downloaded the activity excel sheet for some (re)calculations, to see if I got the price that was set, right:

It’s all about data.

The project took 50 uploads or ‘Publish Model’ and all versions are still accessible!


You can also add URL’s to objects in TC:


Design, Click, Buy!

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Good job! Always nice to get one out the door, but better if it goes well while you’re at it. Is the intent of Trimble connect that the design team or contractor (owner?) also uses it and accesses the job information that way?

I have to say though, that spreadsheet is a reminder I am glad I don’t need to use BIM in my work. I like to draw mostly, though some people think that is passe. I have so much documentation I have to do besides that already.

You can set who get’s to see and do what, So you’re good to setting a price and leave others in in the unknowning…
As admin of the project, you do get to see when a subcontractor downloaded the latest release, and check with him if he hasn’t updated his quote after the last meeting.

This sounds great for project management.

As I understand it, the system for architects is different in the EU. There is a project architect who is more hands-on in the bidding etc. whereas in the US architects’ involvement in that side is more advisory as to costs, and determining the specifications are being followed.

it’s even different in each country! And it is evolving…